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Sunday, September 26, 2010

flying to rottnest featuring brad and tas (live with ATC)!

This video is a compilation of footage from a recent trip to Rottnest Island. Taking off from runway 06L we departed into the training area tracking to Mandurah. We did a few manouvers and steep angle turns and then tracked Rottnest via the east side of Garden Island. Landed at Rottnest aerodrome on runway 09.

We then walked around the island and had Red Rooster for lunch. After relaxing by the water we took off on runway 27 and performed a quick touch and go sequence before departing and tracking to Jandakot via Fremantle and Powerhouse. Landing on runway 24R and then the slow walk from the hangar back into the Royal Aero Club.

Ofcourse we could not fit all of the footage into the video!

Camera work done by Bradley Serls and Tasleem Sufi.

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