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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have a flight at 2.15 today. They said it was going to rain but I'm looking outside the window and apart from a few clouds it's actually quite bright! But that could change in 3 hours and it would appear from what I've seen is that Perth is slowly beginning to evolve into some sort of Melbourne weather pattern. Maybe I'm dreaming. However they also said it was going to rain yesterday but I didn't even feel a drop.

A few friends came back from Paris recently and they were telling me about their experiences being aboard the new Airbus A380. The first thing they said was how big it was! 24 metres high, 73 metres long, double deck, wide body, 4 engine, 835 people. For those of you who have had the privelage of being on one of these monsters you just can't help but wonder how this thing manages to stay in the air (no references to recent tragedies intended)! So it was pretty much double jealousy for me; the fact that they went to Paris and the other being that they got to go on an A380!

Disturbing...a charter jet company uses unqualified pilots to fly charter jets, including one that crashed in 2005.

This is cool, a teen attempts to make aviation history.
Yemen may cancel $2bln Airbus order, wants support.
Air China to feature Boing Airplane Health Management on 737 fleet LOL
For all you space heads. Europe has taken the first step towards building it's owned manned space ship.

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